Explain It Away Syndrome

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Explain it Away Syndrome (Dictionary according to Holly)

[ik-spleyn it uh-wey sin-drohm]
1.  A condition which the patient has the ability to take any physical discomfort or irregularity and dismiss it with a seemingly logical, harmless explanation.

2.  A characteristic, or set of characteristics indicating the existence of a condition, problem, etc that are indicative of a particular disease or disorder that are ignored due to the patient’s inattentiveness, stubbornness, ignorance or just plain, flat out stupidity.

Inattentive, Negligent


In 2010 I had a Facebook epiphany. I realized while updating my profile that all the notable accomplishments in my life were from the distant past. So I did what any other sane person does when they start going through the “What am I doing with my life?” crisis and signed up for my first triathlon. I know, most people do 5K’s…

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ABC’s of Assessment

According to the World Health Organization, for every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of between $3 and $34!

It’s a positive domino effect, but you have to start with that first, critical piece. Otherwise the effort you make on the next component won’t be effective.

You guys, about 2,200 children died yesterday due to lack of clean water. Another 2,200 will die today. Another 2,200 tomorrow. The thought of that makes me frantic. We can’t raise our funds fast enough.

Reinhardt Adventures

Anyone who has ever taken a First Aid Course has learned that when you come across a person in need of medical assistance, you perform an initial evaluation. The medical field gave it the cute mnemonic, the “ABC’s of assessment”. A is for airway, B is for breathing, and C is for circulation. These three priorities are imperative for a patient to survive. Each component needs to be addressed, in that exact order, for the next one to be effective.

783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water. That is 1 in 9 people world wide.”-World Health Organization/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program for Water Supply and Sanitation.

When first responders arrive at an emergency scene and are outnumbered by the amount of patients involved, they perform something called triage. Triage is the process of sorting patients to determine the order of treatment based…

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2014 MACo Summer Conference

2014 MACo Summer Conference – “Ideas & Innovations”

LeeBoy had the opportunity to have a strong presence for the first time at the 2014 annual MACo Conference August 13-16, 2014 Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD.

MACo stands for Maryland Association of Counties.

Thank you to everyone at VT LeeBoy for making LeeBoy & Rosco a strong product to offer our customers!

Nearly 2,000 local, state, and federal government officials, commercial representatives, legislators and their families joined us for the Summer Conference! Educational sessions that focus on new programs, creative methods of funding and exciting best practice trends. There were 250-booth trade-show where organizations and agencies who are looking to work with local governments.

Check out the #MACoCon Twitter feed for a recap of the 2014 MACo Summer Conference!

Another successful MACo Summer Conference has ended. Our 2014 Summer Conference focused on innovative methods of delivering county services and new ways to fund existing and upcoming projects.

Over 925 county elected officials and staff, legislators, state government and commercial representatives attended the conference, along with over 1000 exhibit booth personnel, manning 231 booths.

Attendees participated in sessions on a multitude of topics, including bail reform, the Bay Restoration Fund, opioid addiction, Common Core, and even a federal update from U.S. Senator Cardin, to name a few. Exhibitors talked with attendees about how their cost-saving products and services can benefit their counties.

Join us next year, August 12-15, 2015 for another great Summer Conference full of education, partnership-building, and policy work on behalf of the residents of Maryland.

LeeBoy Products and LeeBoy Racing looking good in Western PA

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend my first Walsh Equipment Open House, I had always heard that they was done very well and drew a large crowd. Well the 2013 Open House was no different….there were over 1,200 guests in attendance over the two days.
The first day, Wednesday October 2nd we had two sessions. The morning-afternoon session we had around 500 guests from the area’s municipalities/townships, a very good turn out for a sunny October day in Western PA. We had a great showcase of LeeBoy Products on display front and center at this event. The guests were able to see and touch the machines on display. We had a great crew to assist with any questions along with helping attendees learn more about the products. A big thanks goes out to the team at this event; Ken Graham – PSR in the North East, Bryce Davis – GM of Sales NA VT LeeBoy, and Eric – Walsh road mechanic. I manned the area and captured sales leads. After the first session closed we had approximately 12 sales leads, not bad but we were not done…
The second session was geared for the contractors and ran later in the afternoon into the evening. Again great turn out with around 150 guests. Our team was able to pick up a few more leads closing the day with around 20 sales leads. Again not bad but we were still not done…
Day 2 Thursday October 3rd, we had our final session with another great turn-out. We had around 600 guests from the area’s municipalities/townships along with some contractors, a very good turn out for an overcast October day in Western PA. We got showered on a little bit but everyone stayed and enjoyed the cool fall weather.Both days of the Open House Walsh fed everyone and had a variety of cool beverages available. To add to that treat we had Quain Stott there with the ’63 Corvette Dragster making LeeBoy Proud!  Quain started the car up a couple of times during the day and revved the engine, it was a real crowd pleaser!  A big thank you to Quain and Cynthia for making the drive up for these two days.
We closed out a two day Open House successfully with over 1200 guests in attendance. Our team captured 30 solid sales leads to which the Walsh sales force and I will work to turn these into orders in the very near future. We’ve already closed one of the leads and turned it into a sale, with 2 more on the verge of closing any day now.  Another strong finish for Walsh in 2013 pushing into a great start for 2014.
These events and sales would not be possible without the quality LeeBoy Family of employees that we have in Lincolnton, NC. So thank you all for making days like this a success!  “LeeBoy Proud”


ConExpo 2011 MAX3B goes to work with one of mid-Atlantic region’s top paving and emulsion contractors

LeeBoy-Rosco Machine a Workhorse for Va. Paving Firms | Story ID: 16873 | Construction Equipment Guide


LeeBoyRosco Machine a Workhorse for Va. Paving Firms

By: Eric Olson

When one of the mid- Atlantic region’s top paving and emulsion contractors needed a cutting edge new machine to apply its product to the area’s streets and highways, it trusted one brand and one dealer enough to deliver it to them sight unseen.

At the beginning of this year’s spring paving season, Virginia’s Slurry Pavers and its subsidiary, Asphalt Emulsion, bought a new 2011 LeeBoy-Rosco Maximizer 3B, a machine designed to distribute emulsified asphalt onto a road surface ahead of a paving machine. The companies purchased the Maximizer from Richmond Machinery & Equipment Co., a dealer that the two companies have worked with for decades.“We bought it sight unseen because we had to have it and also because of the trust we have in Richmond Machinery,” said Eugene Cifers, sales manager of Asphalt Emulsion. “We have dealt with those guys, Mike Colley and Glenn Muse, for a long time and we have received such good service from them on our other machines over the years.”

The distributor apparatus of the Maximizer 3B is made by Rosco, a LeeBoy company. Rosco, established in 1926, began its business building asphalt distributors. In the 1940s, it added water trucks to its product offerings. Rosco was acquired by LeeBoy in 2001.

The new Maximizer is the seventh distributor truck owned by the two companies, according to Cifers. So far, he has been mightily impressed with the new machine, he said.

“The distributor portion of the machine has the ability to spray 16 feet wide with a spray bar that extends sideways rather than having the wings that fold down,” explained Cifers.

“Most machines can only spray 12 feet. Plus, the computer system is an upgrade from earlier models and is a completely different setup than the Maximizer 2.”

Although the new Maximizer employs updated electronics and improved functions, Cifers said that it did not require a great deal of new training for his operators.“It is basically the same machine, only with this model an operator is using a computer screen instead of a selector switch to change the function,” he said. “Instead of having a selector switch for tank circulation and spray-wand application, you actually can watch a screen and then touch a button on the side of the screen to carry out whatever function you need. It is just done a little differently than in the past.”

The new Maximizer is slated to be used exclusively by Asphalt Emulsion in the delivery of the various paving emulsions that it manufactures. Included in that is its Slurry Seal and latex-modified Slurry Seal, as well as recycled emulsions and tack coats for hot-mix pavers.

Specifically, Cifers said that the new machine is being used to spray the tack coat down in front of the pavers in hot-mix paving.

“We have a tack for the Slurry Seal and for the latex-modified Slurry Seal and what Asphalt Emulsion is using this particular Maximizer for is to do priming for paving contractors and to apply fog seals for ourselves on contracts we have with the North Carolina DOT and for the U.S. Navy,” he said.

Currently, the Maximizer 3B is being used by Asphalt Emulsion to upgrade the shoulders along Interstate 95 near Dunn, N.C., in the eastern part of the state. In this project, the machine is used to apply a fog seal that is part of the crack-sealing process. By doing so, Cifers explained, the fog seal keeps the shoulders from oxidizing any further.

Coincidentally, Asphalt Emulsion has a manufacturing plant in Dunn, one of five such factories the company operates. The others are all located in Virginia in Richmond, Dumfries, Newport News and Manassas. A new plant is currently under construction in Morehead City, N.C.

The bulk of the work that Slurry Pavers and its subsidiary does is in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, although it often takes on projects in other mid-Atlantic states, as well.

Cifers explained that his company got into the emulsions business because it wanted to make its own emulsions for quality-control purposes. The majority of what Asphalt Emulsion sells are surface treatment emulsions to a variety of customers, such as the state DOTs and independent contractors in its area.

Cifers expects to get a lot of use out of the Maximizer 3B. The company’s Maximizer 2 machines in its fleet, he said, are used virtually every working day during the paving season, which lasts from April to December. Already, Cifers said the new Maximizer has been used close to 90 percent of the time since it was purchased.

“We have one truck in our fleet that’s a very old machine at probably 15 years old,” he added. “We may actually have had it longer than that. It’s a big tandem machine with a 3,100-gallon tank on it. It is not nearly as efficient as the newer machines, but it has been a workhorse. Really, all of them have been. For instance, we have another Maximizer 2 that is probably 10 years old and still working great.”

Slurry Pavers and Asphalt Emulsion rely on Richmond Machinery to service their equipment, but, as Cifers said, “we very rarely have any trouble with our LeeBoy-Rosco equipment.”

In business since 1919, Richmond Machinery & Equipment has been working with Slurry Pavers since the late 1950s, said Mike Colley, the dealership’s president. The company has 22 employees, including 9 service technicians that work to quickly fix any mechanical problems encountered by its customers.

“Richmond Machinery is an excellent example of a company knowing its customers and working with them to provide them with the correct equipment at the right time for their projects,” added LeeBoy-Rosco’s Jeremiah Reinhardt from his office at the company’s headquarters in Lincolnton, N.C.

Colley said that the Maximizer 3B purchased by Asphalt Emulsion was the first of the new model that it has sold.

“We normally go out with our customers and help to train them on their new equipment, but this new Maximizer is actually about as simple as using a calculator,” Colley said. “It asks you questions such as ‘How wide do you want to spray?’ and once you do that it will ask for the application rate. Everything is much easier to do with this machine.”


Spray Patching demos

Over the last month Pete Kulp AKA “Patcher Pete” and I have had a great opportunity demoing the RA2000 & RA400 in Western PA and Eastern MD. Check out the below videos to see the SprayPatching in action.

Thank you LeeBoy for the help in providing these machines for us to demo for these customers. Thank you to Patcher Pete for your time and help with these demos.