LeeBoy Products and LeeBoy Racing looking good in Western PA

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend my first Walsh Equipment Open House, I had always heard that they was done very well and drew a large crowd. Well the 2013 Open House was no different….there were over 1,200 guests in attendance over the two days.
The first day, Wednesday October 2nd we had two sessions. The morning-afternoon session we had around 500 guests from the area’s municipalities/townships, a very good turn out for a sunny October day in Western PA. We had a great showcase of LeeBoy Products on display front and center at this event. The guests were able to see and touch the machines on display. We had a great crew to assist with any questions along with helping attendees learn more about the products. A big thanks goes out to the team at this event; Ken Graham – PSR in the North East, Bryce Davis – GM of Sales NA VT LeeBoy, and Eric – Walsh road mechanic. I manned the area and captured sales leads. After the first session closed we had approximately 12 sales leads, not bad but we were not done…
The second session was geared for the contractors and ran later in the afternoon into the evening. Again great turn out with around 150 guests. Our team was able to pick up a few more leads closing the day with around 20 sales leads. Again not bad but we were still not done…
Day 2 Thursday October 3rd, we had our final session with another great turn-out. We had around 600 guests from the area’s municipalities/townships along with some contractors, a very good turn out for an overcast October day in Western PA. We got showered on a little bit but everyone stayed and enjoyed the cool fall weather.Both days of the Open House Walsh fed everyone and had a variety of cool beverages available. To add to that treat we had Quain Stott there with the ’63 Corvette Dragster making LeeBoy Proud!  Quain started the car up a couple of times during the day and revved the engine, it was a real crowd pleaser!  A big thank you to Quain and Cynthia for making the drive up for these two days.
We closed out a two day Open House successfully with over 1200 guests in attendance. Our team captured 30 solid sales leads to which the Walsh sales force and I will work to turn these into orders in the very near future. We’ve already closed one of the leads and turned it into a sale, with 2 more on the verge of closing any day now.  Another strong finish for Walsh in 2013 pushing into a great start for 2014.
These events and sales would not be possible without the quality LeeBoy Family of employees that we have in Lincolnton, NC. So thank you all for making days like this a success!  “LeeBoy Proud”


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